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Here’s Why SnapSex Is So Popular In New York

Sex apps are increasingly common to use, and as more apps are created, more people are switching from the popular apps like Tinder. While Tinder has been around for a long time, and has grown popular, making online dating accessible, there are some newer dating applications that have gained traction in recent years due to their unique features or user-friendly designs.

What is SnapSex?

One of these is an app called SnapSex, which was released last year and allows users to engage with each other by sharing sexy selfies through the platform. According to TechCrunch, it seems that this application can be used for several reasons — whether one needs companionship while traveling (like when on vacation), wants to take advantage of their trip away from home, or simply doesn’t want to get dressed up to go out but still would prefer someone else do so instead.

As such, SnapSex seemed to cater towards many different types of people who were looking for something casual, but also wanted to add a little spice into their lives. The app itself provides a free trial period where individuals can try things out before committing to pay for additional features or perks, including seeing all of another person’s snaps, receiving private messages, etc.

How Does SnapSex Work?

The premise behind SnapSex is simple: two people meet on the app and send pictures of themselves back and forth until they find a connection that leads them to chatting about getting together in real life. These conversations happen via snapchats, although you can choose between sending nude photos, doing “sexy face” emojis, or just texting what your plans are if you’d rather keep things somewhat anonymous.

After users match, the SnapSex team works hard to make sure everything is going smoothly, allowing for live support at any time should anyone have questions regarding using the platform properly or experiencing technical difficulties. The site also encourages people not to message too much or become too attached right away because it isn’t meant to replace meeting in person — however, there’s nothing wrong with letting your fingers do the walking!

SnapSex Popularity In New York

According to SimilarWeb, SnapSex is most popular in New York City and its surrounding areas, which makes sense given that this city has an extremely large number of singles compared to other major metropolitan cities around the world.

With a population of approximately 20.2 million people living within the confines of New York State alone (according to Wikipedia), finding someone compatible could be easy as long as one uses one of these apps or websites for online dating.

Although it seems like SnapSex is geared towards users who prefer to take their time when it comes to dating, it’s important to note that those who want quick hookups may still use these apps. The point of SnapSex seems to cater towards people who aren’t willing to commit right away.

It caters to people interested in trying something new without necessarily having to worry about anything serious popping up after a few dates. As such, we can safely say that the app provides a safe space for casual relationships to blossom into more than just a fling.

Do You Use SnapSex?

Have you ever used an app like SnapSex? If so, did you have any luck finding your perfect match? Share your thoughts on social media and let us know!

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