Best Milf Apps 2024: Every Need Covered

Looking for the best milf apps to date older women? This guide reviews the top milf dating apps 2024 for casual hookups, serious relationships and niche dating. Find out which one suits you.

Best Milf Dating Apps

The cougar dating app market has so many options it’s overwhelming. For a smoother ride we have curated a list of the top milf dating apps 2024, each for a specific need. Whether you’re looking for casual hookups, long term relationships or something in between, there’s an app for you among all the dating apps:

  • Best for Casual Hookups: Adult Friend Finder
  • Best for Long-Term Relationships: eHarmony
  • Best for Niche Dating: Cougar Life
  • Best for Ease of Use: MILF Maps
  • Best for Sugar Momma Relationships: Older Women Dating

Adult Friend Finder – Best for Casual Hookups

Price: Free membership available with premium features starting at $19.95/month


  • Large local user base
  • Many features including live video and chat rooms
  • Search filters
  • Free membership includes chat rooms and live cam shows


  • Too many users
  • Some features require paid membership

Adult Friend Finder is great for casual hookups. With over 80 million members worldwide and 60 million active users you’ll find someone local. The app has live video, chat rooms and blogs to keep you entertained for casual encounters. One of my favorite features is the search filters, you can find someone based on very specific traits.

But it’s too many users and while the free membership has a lot, some features require paid membership. Overall Adult Friend Finder is good for no strings attached encounters with older women.


  • Price: 4/5
  • Design: 4/5
  • User Experience: 5/5

eHarmony – Best for Long-Term Relationships

Price: Paid membership starts at $59.95/month

Pros of a dating site:

  • Matching system
  • Serious relationships
  • Take your time


  • More expensive than other apps
  • Long sign up process

eHarmony with its matching system is great for long term relationships with older women. The site has:

  • Long questionnaire to match users based on compatibility
  • Genuine connections and lasting relationships
  • Take your time and build meaningful connections

But the higher cost and long sign up process might be a turn off for some. Despite that eHarmony’s focus on serious relationships and advanced matching system makes it a top choice for mature women.


  • Price: 3/5
  • Design: 5/5
  • User Experience: 5/5

Cougar Life – Best for Niche Dating

Price: Free registration with premium features starting at $40/month


  • For cougars and their admirers
  • Ultimate Match Guarantee program
  • Fun, laid back community


  • Premium features require paid membership
  • Niche focus might limit user base

Cougar Life is a niche dating app for cougars and those who admire them. Launched in 2008 the site targets women 30 and older looking for younger men. The community vibe and humor is fun and flirty for singles looking for matchmaking and introductions on free cougar dating sites. One of the unique features is the Ultimate Match Guarantee program which guarantees a match within 3 months for a fee.

The female members on Cougar Life are:

  • Modern
  • Confident
  • Fun loving
  • Sexy
  • Smart

Premium features require paid membership but the app is available on iOS and Android devices so you can use it on the go.


  • Price: 3/5
  • Design: 4/5
  • User Experience: 4/5

MILF Maps – Best for Ease of Use

Price: Free with in-app purchases


  • Simple swipe
  • User friendly
  • Popular


  • Limited features without in-app purchases
  • Superficial

MILF Maps with its simple swipe based interface has made online dating easy. The simple design removes the complexity of dating apps and allows users to find milf matches fast. For those who want to connect with older women without the hassle of traditional online dating Tinder is a great option.

But the simplicity can also be a con as it can feel superficial at times. Despite that MILF Map’s popularity and ease of use makes it a top choice for mature women.


  • Price: 4/5
  • Design: 5/5
  • User Experience: 4/5

Older Women Dating – Best for Sugar Momma Relationships

Price: Free registration with premium features



  • Quality might not be as good as other apps
  • Limited features without premium membership

Older Women Dating is specifically for sugar momma relationships. It carves its niche in the dating app world. It’s a great space for younger men and older women to connect for age gap dating. The site has:

  • Free registration so everyone can join
  • Advanced search filters to find matches
  • Private messaging to connect with matches
  • Verified profiles for safety and security
  • User friendly interface

Join Older Women Dating today and start your sugar momma journey.

But the quality might not be as good as the other apps on this list and some features require premium membership. Still Older Women Dating is a great resource for sugar momma relationships.


  • Price: 3/5
  • Design: 3/5
  • User Experience: 3/5

How to Choose the Best Milf Dating App

Choosing the right milf dating app can make a big difference in your dating experience. One of the first thing to consider is if the app has a paid membership. While free cougar dating apps seem appealing, they usually come with cons such as users not committed and too much competition. Paid membership usually has more features and a more serious user base.

What to look for in a cougar dating app:

  • Advanced search filters
  • Ability to send messages
  • Access to user profiles

These features will help you find matches that fit your preferences and increase your chances of success. Also consider the app’s interface and if it suits you.

Knowing your goals is important when trying out different cougar dating apps. Are you looking for casual hookups, long term relationships or a specific type of connection like sugar momma relationship? Knowing your needs will help you choose the app that fits your dating preferences.

Tips for Success on Cougar Dating Apps

Your presentation and interaction with matches is what determines your success on cougar dating apps. Start by using high quality photos that show you in a good light, this will increase your chances of getting matches. Writing a catchy and genuine bio is also important as it gives matches a glimpse of your personality.

Some tips for creating a great dating profile:

  • Avoid overly edited or misleading photos, honesty is key to building trust with matches.
  • Have a profile that reflects your genuine interests and hobbies to attract like-minded people and make your profile stand out.
  • Don’t have negative or overly critical statements in your profile, a positive profile is more attractive.

Chat actively and be polite and you’ll make a good impression and increase your chances of success. Log in regularly and use the app to keep your profile visible and increase your chances of finding the right match. Also set your age preferences correctly to find matches that fit your interests.


In summary, the best cougar dating apps of 2024 has options for different needs, from casual hookups to long term relationships and niche dating. Adult Friend Finder for casual encounters, eHarmony for serious relationships, Cougar Life for niche dating, Tinder for ease of use and Older Women Dating for sugar momma relationships.

Choose the app that fits your dating goals and preferences. Follow the tips and you’ll increase your chances of success and find the right match. Remember, the secret to online dating is being genuine, chat actively and present yourself in the best light. Happy dating!


Are there free cougar dating apps?

Yes, there are free cougar dating apps but they come with cons such as users not committed and too much competition. Paid membership usually has more features and a more serious user base.

What app for casual hookups with older women?

Adult Friend Finder for casual hookups with older women because of its large user base and advanced search filters. Try it out!

Which app for long term relationships with older women?

I’d recommend eHarmony for long term relationships with older women. It’s good for serious and committed relationships with its matching system.

How to increase my chances of success on cougar dating apps?

To increase your chances of success on cougar dating apps use high quality photos, write a genuine bio, chat actively and set your age preferences correctly. This will help you attract compatible matches and stand out.

What to look for when choosing a cougar dating app?

When choosing a cougar dating app look for features like advanced search filters and ability to send messages. Check if the paid membership fits your dating goals.

Here’s Why SnapSex Is So Popular In New York

Sex apps are increasingly common to use, and as more apps are created, more people are switching from the popular apps like Tinder. While Tinder has been around for a long time, and has grown popular, making online dating accessible, there are some newer dating applications that have gained traction in recent years due to their unique features or user-friendly designs.

What is SnapSex?

One of these is an app called SnapSex, which was released last year and allows users to engage with each other by sharing sexy selfies through the platform. According to TechCrunch, it seems that this application can be used for several reasons — whether one needs companionship while traveling (like when on vacation), wants to take advantage of their trip away from home, or simply doesn’t want to get dressed up to go out but still would prefer someone else do so instead.

As such, SnapSex seemed to cater towards many different types of people who were looking for something casual, but also wanted to add a little spice into their lives. The app itself provides a free trial period where individuals can try things out before committing to pay for additional features or perks, including seeing all of another person’s snaps, receiving private messages, etc.

How Does SnapSex Work?

The premise behind SnapSex is simple: two people meet on the app and send pictures of themselves back and forth until they find a connection that leads them to chatting about getting together in real life. These conversations happen via snapchats, although you can choose between sending nude photos, doing “sexy face” emojis, or just texting what your plans are if you’d rather keep things somewhat anonymous.

After users match, the SnapSex team works hard to make sure everything is going smoothly, allowing for live support at any time should anyone have questions regarding using the platform properly or experiencing technical difficulties. The site also encourages people not to message too much or become too attached right away because it isn’t meant to replace meeting in person — however, there’s nothing wrong with letting your fingers do the walking!

SnapSex Popularity In New York

According to SimilarWeb, SnapSex is most popular in New York City and its surrounding areas, which makes sense given that this city has an extremely large number of singles compared to other major metropolitan cities around the world.

With a population of approximately 20.2 million people living within the confines of New York State alone (according to Wikipedia), finding someone compatible could be easy as long as one uses one of these apps or websites for online dating.

Although it seems like SnapSex is geared towards users who prefer to take their time when it comes to dating, it’s important to note that those who want quick hookups may still use these apps. The point of SnapSex seems to cater towards people who aren’t willing to commit right away.

It caters to people interested in trying something new without necessarily having to worry about anything serious popping up after a few dates. As such, we can safely say that the app provides a safe space for casual relationships to blossom into more than just a fling.

Do You Use SnapSex?

Have you ever used an app like SnapSex? If so, did you have any luck finding your perfect match? Share your thoughts on social media and let us know!

Why You Need To Go On A New York City Helicopter Tour

There’s no better way to see all the sights that New York City has to offer than from the sky. Helicopter tours offer unparalleled views of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and beyond. Here are four reasons you need to go on a New York City helicopter tour:

1) The Views Are Unparalleled

No matter where you look, you’re surrounded by beauty. You can see the entire skyline of New York City and beyond. It’s especially amazing at night when the lights twinkle high in the sky.

2) The Price Is Right

A helicopter tour is far less expensive than a trip to space. For just $200 – $300, you’ll get to see the Big Apple from a whole new perspective. This is especially great for kids, who will remember it forever.

3) You Get To See The Other Sights Of New York City

New York isn’t just Manhattan – you get to see all of it with a helicopter tour, especially places like Brooklyn and Queens that are harder to reach on foot.

4) It’s An Adventure

Taking a helicopter tour is an adrenaline rush that you’ll never forget. You’ll be up in the sky, soaring over some of the most amazing sights on earth. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

5) It’s Perfect For A Special Occasion

A helicopter tour is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just want to treat yourself, it’s a unique and unforgettable experience.

6) It’s A Great Way To See New York City If You’re Short On Time

It can be hard to see all the sights in New York when you only have a few days. With a helicopter tour, you’ll be able to get around much more quickly, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any of the Big Apple’s best attractions.

7) Helicopter Tours Are A Thrill-Seeker’s Dream

Who doesn’t want to be a thrill seeker for a day? Only brave and daring souls should apply to take a helicopter tour. You’ll get to see the city from an angle like no other.

So what are you waiting for? Go book your New York City helicopter tour today! You won’t regret it.

Must-see museums in New York City

The Met, the MoMA, the Guggenheim… there are hundreds of museums in New York City. If you ever find yourself in NYC and have a bit of time to spare, make sure to check out one of these must-see museums.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum’s collection is so immense that it would take weeks (if not months) to go through it all. With over 2 million artworks and objects, the Met Museum has an encyclopedic collection of artwork from virtually every culture that is well-represented in North America. The museum works hard to preserve their collections – they even have a huge climate-controlled space for paintings which require extra humidity and stable temperatures!

Museum of Modern Art

Founded in 1929, the MoMA is one of the world’s most influential modern and contemporary art museums. The MoMA is home to works by Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dali, among many others. In addition to its expansive permanent collection, the MoMA also features rotating exhibitions of modern and contemporary art.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim is one of the most iconic museums in New York City – and for good reason. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the museum’s distinctive spiral design is a sight to behold. The Guggenheim’s permanent collection is focused on modern and contemporary art, with works by artists like Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and Andy Warhol. The museum also features rotating exhibitions of modern art.

The Cloisters

If you’re looking for a museum with a more… medieval feel, The Cloisters is the place for you. This museum is located in Fort Tryon Park and is home to an extensive collection of Medieval art and architecture. The Cloisters was specifically designed to recreate a 13th-century French monastery, so if you’re interested in the history of European Christianity, this is a museum you shouldn’t miss!

Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum has been at the center of art and culture in New York City since 1897. The museum’s permanent collection includes an impressive variety of work including ancient Egyptian artifacts, contemporary Native American art, and a stunning number of paintings by European masters.

The Museum of Sex

Located in the heart of Midtown (on 5th avenue and 27th street), this museum is definitely… different. The Museum of Sex hosts rotating exhibitions focused on sex and sexuality throughout history, culture, and art. Because this is a museum about sexuality, visitors must be at least 17 years old.

If you’re looking for something a bit more risque in New York City, the Museum of Sex is the place to go!

9/11 Memorial Museum

This museum is dedicated to telling the story of September 11th, 2001 and its aftermath. The museum is located in the World Trade Center complex and contains artifacts from the attacks, photos and videos of the event, and even recordings from some of the survivors. 9/11 Memorial Museum is open every day except for Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This free botanical garden is definitely a hidden gem in New York City! Featuring shrubs, flowers, trees, and even a Japanese Garden, this non-profit garden is home to an amazing array of plants. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden also hosts events like plant sales and festivals – the perfect place to bring out your inner nature lover!

Our Final Thoughts

There are countless other museums in New York City that are worth checking out, including the American Museum of Natural History, the Brooklyn Museum, and the New Museum.

Visitors to New York City should not miss the chance to visit one of these museums while they’re in town!

Best Things To Do New York City

There is no shortage of things to do in New York City. Whether you’re looking for world-class theater, incredible shopping, or some of the best food in the world, NYC has it all. Here are some of our favorite things to do in the city that never sleeps:

Catch a Broadway show

New York is the live Broadway show capital of the world. In a city with so many options, it can be difficult to pick just one. If you’re looking for traditional Broadway musicals, look no further than the Richard Rodgers Theatre on 46th Street. Home to blockbuster hits like The Lion King and Kinky Boots, this beloved theater attracts audiences from around the world. For a more eclectic and avant-garde experience, try the New Victory Theater on 42nd Street to see cutting edge productions like Wicked and Matilda: The Musical. Don’t forget to stop by TKTS in Times Square to score last minute tickets for top shows at deep discounts!

Explore the Museum Mile on Fifth Avenue

This stretch of cultural institutions along 5th Avenue includes eight of New York City’s most famous museums, all within one square mile! Start at the magnificent Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park, then head south to the Guggenheim Museum or Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (it’s two separate museums). For a change of pace, check out the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum or National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts.

Explore Central Park

Central Park is a massive urban oasis, with many hidden nooks and crannies just waiting to be discovered! If you want a guided tour, check out The Central Park Conservancy for their many free walks and talks. Or if you prefer to explore on your own, sign up for a bike ride with BikeRent NYC or enjoy a horse-drawn carriage through the park at 5pm daily.

Catch a game at Madison Square Garden

Home to the New York Knicks and Rangers, as well as world-famous concerts and events, Madison Square Garden is a must-see for any visitor to the city. Check out their event calendar to see what’s happening during your stay.

Hang out in Times Square

There’s no better place to people watch than Times Square. From the street performers to the costumed characters to the tourists, it’s always an interesting scene. Be sure to snap a picture in front of the world-famous Times Square sign and take a stroll down Broadway.

Eat your way through Little Italy

This historic Italian neighborhood is known for its amazing food. Be sure to try a classic New York slice of pizza, some pasta dishes, and maybe even a cannoli or two!

Indulge in some retail therapy

New York City is one of the best places in the world to shop, with something for everyone. Start in Midtown around 5th Avenue and head down to the Lower East Side for the most unique boutiques.

The Top of the Rock

The Top of the Rock Observation Deck is one of New York City’s best kept secrets, offering sweeping views of Central Park and all of Manhattan. And you don’t even need a ticket to get in! The observation deck is located on top of 30 Rock, GE Building. It opens at 8am daily and it’s free to enter after 4pm.

Catch an amazing view from Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1

Located under the Brooklyn Bridge off of Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn Bridge Park offers stunning views of the New York City skyline. Grab a bench and watch as big cruise ships head through New York Harbor to port after their trips abroad!

Take a free tour of St. Patrick’s Cathedral

This grandiose cathedral is over 100 years old and has been the site of many famous weddings and funerals, including those of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Cardinal John O’Connor. The cathedral is open daily from 7am to 8pm.

The High Line

This repurposed elevated railway turned public park offers amazing views of the cityscape below. It’s a great place for a walk, a picnic, or just to relax and take in the atmosphere. The High Line is open daily from 7am to 10pm.

Empire State Building

The most famous building in New York City, the Empire State Building offers visitors amazing views of the city from its observation deck. Tickets are only $23 for adults, which also includes access to the 86th-floor observatory. It’s open daily from 8am to 2am and if you would like to skip the line, you can buy your tickets online ahead of time.

Brooklyn Brewery Tours

Brooklyn is known across the globe as the hipster capital of the world and there’s no better way to embrace that title than visiting the Brooklyn Brewery. From its humble beginnings in 1988, the brewery has grown into one of New York City’s most popular tourist destinations. Visitors can take a tour daily from 5pm to 7:30pm for $15 (includes tastings).

Ready to visit New York?

There are so many amazing things to do in New York City that it can be tough to choose what to do first! But with this list, you’ll have no trouble getting started on your NYC adventure. So get out there and explore this great city!

Looking to get laid in New York City? Here are the best casual dating apps.

Looking to meet someone new in New York City? In modern times, the best way to find a date is with a dating app, but which one should you pick? The answer may be different depending on what you’re looking for.

After consulting with Adult Dating (check out their hookup site quiz at, we’ve rounded up the best and most popular dating apps to help you find whatever you’re after.


No matter if you’re looking for a quick hook-up or a long-term relationship, Tinder is here to help you find what you’re looking for. The app is geared towards making finding a match as simple as swiping right or left on potential lovers. You can also swipe left to match with someone, right to deny someone, or a mix of both.

Just remember to always have your profile in order and turn on be friends before you start swiping, to avoid receiving unwanted invites. You can also choose to have photos, bios, and location show up. Download it here Meetic The French app offers a different take on finding love through a mobile phone. For starters, you can set your preferences for location and date to find matches who live nearby.


Bumble (formerly known as Bumblebee) has quickly become a favorite among female millennials and is growing even more popular. This app’s first-ever advertising campaign starred Serena Williams and featured billboards on the side of buses in NYC. But Bumble doesn’t just focus on dating — you can also browse profiles and send messages to people to connect with people in a variety of ways.

Bumble is free to download, but you can also pay to unlock more features such as matchmaking services and premium features such as Tinder’s Autoresponder. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, the first 10 minutes of your first message are free. Hinge Hinge is one of the newer apps on this list, but it’s quickly growing in popularity.


The #1 dating app in NYC, OkCupid is one of the oldest dating apps in existence. Its apps promise that you can browse hundreds of singles and weed out the good ones quickly, while avoiding all of the garbage. This isn’t surprising considering the app has been around since 2004, but it does seem to be incredibly popular among millennials.

OkCupid doesn’t have a pay-to-enter option, but the basic Tinder-like services are free. How to get started: If you’ve never used OkCupid before, you’ll be able to connect to your Facebook account and begin searching for dates. If you want to filter out swiping, there are a number of ways to do so, or you can skip the Tinder-like feature all together.


Hinge is a social app, founded on the idea of compatibility. To chat with Hinge, you have to swipe right on people you’d like to meet. If you see someone you like, you swipe left to pass. They’re not in a match with you, but they might be in a match with someone else you may like. If you both like each other, you can message each other and go on a date.

Fun fact: Match Group’s CEO, Sean Rad, also co-founded Hinge, which was acquired by Match in 2016.


Similar to Tinder, Zoosk is a dating app for those looking for fun and companionship. The site is divided into two sections: Meet and Play. Play is for those looking for sex, and meets the dating needs of those looking for casual sex and romance.


This app lets you browse profiles based on your favorite activity, be it socializing, drinking, going out, dancing, or whatever else you enjoy. A new tab called “Where Is” will show you users who went to your neighborhood, and when they went. You can see all their friends and pictures too, which is a nice way to build a social profile.


RateMe offers a unique service in that they give you a few weeks to actually meet up with a potential date, instead of just agreeing to the first date before you have any idea if you actually like them. The app promises you’ll both get a good idea of whether or not you’re compatible in just a few hours. After the date, you’ll both have the option to make a decision. If you go out with them again, you’ll go back to the app and go from there.

Chelsea Star Hotel World Class Rooms

New Luxe Rooms

Relax in our superior and deluxe guest rooms, which are designed in traditional, rich décor with contemporary accessories and artworks that accent the soft duotone pastel walls.

The custom mahogany furnishings feature a comfy four-poster (queen and king size, some are canopied) with fine linens. The sitting/work area features a sofa, Flat Screen TV with built-in DVD Player, Stereo, and a telephone, a perfecting setting to highlight your sexy life on Instagram or even snap nudes.

The elegant full baths are designed with European ceramic textiles in bold sunflower yellow and cobalt blue.

Our Superior Rooms are designed in traditional, rich décor with contemporary accessories and artworks that accent the soft duotone pastel walls. The custom mahogany furnishings feature queen size bedding arrangements with fine linens.

The work area features an oversized desk, Flat Screen TV with built in DVD Player, Stereo, and a telephone with voicemail.

The elegant full baths are designed with European ceramic textiles in bold sunflower yellow and cobalt blue. Rooms also feature air conditioning/heating climate control.

Theme Rooms

Our original 16 funky “lite” private rooms are creatively designed with décor showcasing a variety of time periods, themes, and stars from the past and present.

These private rooms accommodate between one and four people and feature basic cable television and telephones.

There is also an Internet kiosk on-premises, which is available for all guests. The shared baths are clean and new, with high-tech styled gray slate and black marble

For the really budget-minded, our two dormitory rooms with bunk beds include linens.

Deluxe Rooms

Our oversized, “Studio Suite” style Deluxe Rooms are designed in traditional, rich décor with contemporary accessories and artworks that accent the soft duotone pastel walls.

The custom mahogany furnishings feature a comfy four-poster (queen and king size, some are canopied) with fine linens. The sitting/work area features a pull out queen size sofa, oversized desk, Flat Screen TV with built in DVD Player, Stereo, and telephone.

The elegant full baths are designed with European ceramic textiles in bold sunflower yellow and cobalt blue.

Rooms also feature air conditioning/heating climate control. This room sleeps up to four people and is ideal for families.

What Star Hotel Got In Store For You

Airport transportation

You can travel into the city by airport express coach services, taxicab, or train.

Car and limousine services are also available from John F. Kennedy International, La Guardia, and Newark Liberty International airports. Our concierge service will be happy to arrange a mode of transportation to fit your budget and offer advice on public transportation.

We offer Internet kiosks and telephones.

Faxes and copies
You can receive and send faxes at the Front Desk for a small charge.

Americana Tickets
New York’s largest and most respected theater ticket agency can help you get tickets to almost anything in the city! From concerts and sporting events to limousines.

For a one-time charge of $5.00, you can buy peace of mind with our safety deposit boxes. We also have closed-circuit television cameras in the hallways.

Maid service
Our friendly housekeeping staff will make your stay as comfortable and clean as possible. They can also provide extra blankets, sheets, and towels*.

Wheelchair access
We are a walk-up hotel, with NO ELEVATOR, although we have wheelchair accessible bathrooms in the deluxe and superior rooms in compliance with local and federal laws.

Pick up and same-day delivery service is available for dry cleaning and regular laundry.

Food delivery to room
You name it. Anything from light sandwiches, pizza, Chinese or Mexican food can be ordered and delivered to your door within minutes.

Also available:

  • Free maps and tourist brochures, plus our own expert guidance on where to go / what to do
  • Bike and blade rental and storage.
  • Concierge list of must-do’s, an alternative to the regular tourist attractions

We want to make your stay in New York fun and safe. Our “hot tips” list directs you to the best budget restaurants and to where real New Yorkers eat – not the tourist traps.

Get the lowdown on where the wholesale outlets are located. For the latest and upcoming news about happenings, visit our “Town Talk” page.

Located in the Heart of New York City!

We are located in the very heart of the city, one block from Madison Square Garden, Penn Station, Amtrak, and the main branch of the United States Post Office. We are easily accessed by all public transport including buses, subways, and taxis.

With just a five minute walk you can be at the famous Macy*s department store, featured in the classic movie The Miracle on 34th Street, the Empire State Building, and a whole host of other attractions and must-sees.

Manhattan’s hip Chelsea district is full of avante garde art galleries, cool music clubs, bargain-priced shopping, trendy restaurants and fun bar scenes like Mustang Sally’s and Down Time – all within a five minute walk of the Chelsea Star Hotel.

Madison Square Garden is across the street – New York’s best concert venue and home of the Knicks Basketball team.

Also within walking distance are the famous Multiplex Chelsea Piers with awesome arenas for any sport you can think of. How about rowing your own boat on the mighty Hudson River?

Chelsea Piers also features restaurants, shopping and more. Just three blocks away on 30th street is a heliport where you can arrange to see a bird’s-eye view of all the wonders that make NYC the mecca of the curious.

Directions from. . .

Take the Port Authority Shuttle from inside the terminal to the Howard Beach Subway stop. Take the A subway train to 34th Street /Penn Station, then walk south to 30th Street.

LaGuardia Airport
Take the Q33 bus to Roosevelt Ave/Jackson Heights. Take the E Subway train to 34th Street/Penn station, then walk south on 8th Avenue to 30th Street.

Newark Airport
Take Olympic Trails Express Bus to Penn Station, then walk one block South on 8th avenue to 30th Street.

Penn Station/Amtrak
Walk 1 block south on 8th Avenue to 30th Street.

Port Authority Bus Station
Walk south on 8th Avenue to 30th Street.

Happy Holidays in New York City

The city literally lights up on December 1, every year more beautiful than the last…in part, thanks to technology.

LIGHTS & WINDOWS at every corner, every turn, some of the best places to feel the Holiday Spirit are: Rockefeller Center and its neighbors, Saks 5th Avenue, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Fifth Avenue, from 59th Street and straight down 34th Street, Madison Avenue, from 79th Street straight down to 57th Street, at the Metropolitan Museum & American Museum of Natural History, Annual Christmas Tree displays, and the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle, inside and out, upstairs and downstairs the decor is amazing.

OUTDOOR HOLIDAY MARKETS at Bryant Park, Union Square Park, South Street Seaport, Columbus Circle, and at Grand Central Station the most beautiful holiday market and the Kaleidoscope Light Show.

Options for ICE SKATING in the City, the most famous is Rockefeller Center, with music & celebrities until Spring, you will have more space at Bryant Park with FREE skating, rentals available until January 25th and Wollman Rink in Central Park, rentals available, cash only till spring. If you’re looking for a fun date idea, the experts over at say ice skating is one of the best things you can do to impress your date!

If your visiting the City this month you must experience one of the many HOLIDAY SHOWS in the City, The Annual Christmas Show with the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall, the Nut Cracker performed by the NYC Ballet at Lincoln Center and Wintuk at the WaMu Theater across the street from the Chelsea Star Hotel at Madison Square Garden.

You can also catch a Broadway show or join the Big Apple Circus in Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center.

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November is one of the busiest months in New York City and here are a few things you can enjoy, while visiting.

On November 7th thousands will run in the ING New York City Marathon, 26.2 miles, five-borough course which runs from Staten Island to Central Park. Millions will be able to see a part of it along the route.

Skating in Bryant Park, on Central Parks’ Wollman Rink or the Famous Rockefeller Center Ice-Skating rink, skates can be rented at all, (experience not necessary) and the views are amazing

Some festivals this month
– NY Comedy Festival Nov. 3 – 7, 2010. For more information and to purchase tickets visit
NYC Horror Film Festival Nov.10 – 14, 2010. Tribeca Cinemas 54 Varick St. More at
– Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival (US’s largest ethnographic/documentary film festival) Nov. 11 – 14, 2010 at the
– The African Diaspora International Film Festival Nov.26 – Dec.14, 2010. For more info. visit
– New York City Chocolate Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion located at 125 West 18th Street

For Broadway shows old and new for the Fall 2010, visit and not to be missed seasonal shows like the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the world-famous Rockettes and Balanchine’s Nutcracker performed by the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center or Wintuk from Nov.7 – Jan.1.2011 at the Theater at Madison Square Gardens

Visitors to NYC will inevitably do some shopping and the city has many great shops and department stores, but some of the best holiday shopping can be found at one the many markets set up from November to the end of the year, like at Union Square, Bryant Park, Grand Central Terminal and Columbus Circle to name a few.

On November 25. 2010 Macy’s 83rd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade begins at 77th Street and Central Park West and ends at 34th Street and Herald Square, with viewing of the floats, the balloons and participating organizations along the route, but get there early and dress warmly.
On November 24, you can observe the inflation of the 25 balloons from 3 – 10 p.m. near the American Museum of Natural History just off Central Park West between 77th St. and 81st St.

Holiday Tree Lighting’s in the city are another special holiday event, the most famous is at Rockefeller Center on Nov.30, which is televised and features celebrity guests and performances.

Additional tree lighting’s in the city are the Origami Holiday Tree at the American Museum of Natural History on Nov.22, the Annual Christmas Tree and Neapolitan Baroque Creche at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Nov. 22 and The South Street Seaport tree lighting on Nov. 26

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